Friday, October 7, 2016

Unit 1 Friends Are Special (Week 2) What is a friend? Oct 3-7

Unit 1 Friends Are Special
Unit Books
Read Aloud:Friends Share

Weekly Question and Vocabulary Related to book:
What is a friend?
(friend, play, laugh, admire, together, enormous)

Literacy Small Groups
-Sentence Stack- We will segment a sentence into words. We will cut the sentence then put it back together. This concept will be introduced first with blocks to touch as a teacher models.
-Is it a Letter? We will cut then sort a variety of letters, numbers, and symbols.
-Sentence Clap- We will listen to a sentence then show how many words are in the sentence by touching blocks.  Then we will demonstrate this skill in a fine motor task.
-Write to Convey meaning- We will "write" a word then draw a picture to show its meaning.
-Corduroy Sequencing Story Pictures
Handwriting/Letter Groups
-What’s My Letter? Small Groups (E,e) (H,h)
We learned what the uppercase and lowercase letter Ee and Hh look like.  We sorted magnetic letters to find matches for Ee and Hh.  We hunted for them in our names and the names of our classmates.  We used crayons to hunt for them on our papers.  Search for these letters at home.  Remember to help your child name the letter.
-Letters E and H-We will be using a hands-on approach(ie. sand, colored chalk, shaving cream) to reinforce correct letter formation.  Then we will practice in our Handwriting Without Tears (HWT) books

Math Small Groups
(Focusing on creating sets of 5 and introducing set of 10)
-Let's Trace our fingers- We will trace our fingers then color.  We will then use dot stickers with numbers 1-10 to show a set of 10
-Button Sorting by 3- We will sort by size and shape in three ways. After reading the story Corduroy we will use buttons to practice sorting.  We will sort our buttons into various groups and record our work on our sorting sheets
-Sets of 5 Assessment- In groups, children will be asked to count out 5 objects and place them in clear bags.  They will hold them up and a friend will count their bag and tell them how many are in their bag.  (Peer Review)
- Sets of 5 or Sets of 10- We will be using 5 Frames or 10 Frames to count sets of objects.  Some groups will review how to create sets of 5 and some groups will be introduced to creating sets of 10

Art Table- Number Sculptures
Block Area- blocks 
Sand Table- buttons
Book Area- Exploring Books about school
Easel-Markers and paper
Writing Table- crayons and paper
Dramatic Play- Toy Store (related to Corduroy)
Math, Puzzles, and Manipulatives- Letter Puzzles
Science -ramps
Rug- Jungle Animals

Science/Social Studies Circle
- We will be focusing on our curriculum of Preschool Life Skills during this time to help us transition into our new classroom.
1. When I call your name, stop what you are doing, look at me, and say ,"Yes".
-Discussing how we sit and listen in a group (our community classroom)
2. When a teacher tells me to do something, "I do it right away."

Songs, Word Plays, and Language
-Nursery Rhymes: Hey Diddle Diddle / Mary Had a Little Lamb
-Our Good Morning Chant
-ABC Rock by Steve and Greg
-Number Rock by Steve and Greg
-Shake Breaks (Go Noodle)
-Down in the jungle song
-Sing and Move- We will sing a song that has the word friend and together.  Each child will have one word and one instrument.  When they hear their word they will play their instrument.

Classroom Motivational System
We will be learning classroom routines and expectations within our new classroom.  In order to create a successful and rewarding environment, each child will have a motivational system. Our classroom system promotes positive classroom behavior through positive peer modeling and teachers providing positive reinforcement for desired behaviors.

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