Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Unit 3 Community Week 3 November 30- December 4

No School on December 3rd
Book Orders Due December 3rd
Unit Book
The Little Red Hen Makes a Pizza
Weekly Question and Vocabulary Related to book:
What can you do in our community?
(delicious, ingredient, lovely, sip, delicatessen, hardware store)

Literacy Small Groups
-Compound Chef- We will each receive a word. Then each child will cut the word into two parts. We will say each part of the word in isolation then put them back together. Then we will draw a picture of each word.

-Letter Matching Card Game- We reinforced letter pairs.  We will then play a matching “go fish” game where we had to make matches.  Some children will match uppercase to uppercase letters and other groups will match uppercase letters to their lowercase partners.   

-Say the Sounds-Little Red Hen Vocabulary Words Letter Books- We will identify pictures as targeted vocabulary words.  Then we will say the first sound and sort them to create a sound book.

-Journal Writing-We will be writing in our journals about in the style of a fairy tale. For example, We will use a sentence starters such as: Once upon a time........  We will focus on the directionality of our writing (staring at the left and continuing to the right of the page) and continue our  practice turtle talking and listening for sounds in our words.  Remember, writing is a developmental skill and we are all working at our own pace and improving each week.

Handwriting/Letter Groups
-Handwriting Without Tears Program-Mat Man-Draw a person reinforcement

Math Small Groups
-Transform! -We will use play dough to form geometric shapes. For example, can you make a cube that looks like mine.  Other shapes we will try to make using playdough are cylinders, spheres, rectangular and prisms.

-Geometric Sorting- After reviewing geometric shapes, we will sort real world geometric shapes.   

-Pizza Counting Book- We will be counting toppings to create a pizza book. We will reinforce 1:1 correspondence and tracing numbers to match the quantities.

-Cube Hunt
We will use clipboards and search our classroom for cubes.  Every time we find a cube we will record it on our clipboards

Art Table- Painting Pizzas with toppings
Block Area- blocks and community people
Sensory Table- Mixing bowls/spoons/Cups
Book Area- Exploring Books about community
Easel-Markers and paper
Writing Table- Making Lists
Dramatic Play-Pizza Shop
Math, Puzzles, and Manipulatives- Letters in a room hunt using clipboards
Rug- legos

Science/Social Studies/Math Circle Concepts
-Mixing Ingredients
-Shopping Lists
-Healthy Choices
-Sorting solid shapes

Preschool Life Skills 
- We will be focusing on our curriculum of Preschool Life Skills during this time to help us transition into our new classroom.
1. When I call your name, stop what you are doing, look at me, and say ,"Yes".
2. When I give you an instruction, do it "right away"
(Ask your child what do you do when your teacher tells you to do something.  They should reply "I do it right away." You can reinforce this at home too.  "Put your legos away and do it "right away""
3. When I give you  instructions, do them "right away" (multi-step directions)
4. When something is too hard say "Help me please"

Songs, Word Plays, and Language
-Syllable Sound Off, Compound Boogies
-Our Good Morning Chant
-Compound word break up game song
-Neighbors Chant
-Make a Pizza song

Classroom Motivational System
We will be learning classroom routines and expectations within our new classroom.  In order to create a successful and rewarding environment, each child will have a motivational system. Our classroom system promotes positive classroom behavior through positive peer modeling and teachers providing positive reinforcement for desired behaviors. 

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