Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Harvest Soiree

Our Harvest Soiree was a great success! We had fun at choice time wearing our costumes.  Then our school went to see Dr. Conti and central office on our Harvest Soiree Parade.  He gave us stickers too. It was so fun.  Then we continued our parade to the cafeteria and then to the athletic wing.  The high school students and teachers loved asking us about our costumes.  
Just a reminder, tomorrow we are going to have a "spooky" reading of our unit book The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything. We will read our book under a sheet with a flashlight. You child can bring in a small stuffed animal friend from home to join in the fun.  We wrote invitations to them today. Also your child can dress in red, white, and blue for Red Sox Day. Tomorrow we will show our Red Sox pride by wearing Red Sox or wearing their colors. 
This is a fun week to celebrate the end of our first unit of Harvest.

 Creating Costumes out of Pattern Blocks
Dr. Conti, thank you for dressing up and giving us stickers!

Happy Soiree

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