Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Handwriting and Fine Motor Activities

  Our program has using been using the researched based curriculum called Handwriting Without Tears. It focuses on fine motor readiness skills as well as promote the correct way to form letters and numbers.  The first weeks of school we will focus on further developing our "alligator fingers" to get ready to write.  We have be using different material in our handwriting small groups to increase our hand strength and try to isolate our thumb and pointer finger.  The children have been having fun as well. Below are some of our activities:
We have launched frogs into water and lily pads to isolate our pointer finger.
 We have used tiny sponges to fill little cups.  We used our only our thumb and pointer finger to help develop our "alligator fingers."
 We collected acorns outside. Then we used the acorns and our "alligator fingers" to paint.
 We used shaving cream on trays. Then we practiced making big lines on our tray. Some of us practiced writing our names and letters.
 We also used dry erase boards to write our names and draw pictures.  After we were finished, the children had to use small tissues to wipe away their work. This also promotes our "alligator fingers."
We also used play dough in a teacher directed activity.  Children made hot dogs with their play dough, then they used scissors to cut their hot dogs into smaller pieces. It is a fun way to practice scissor skills.

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