Friday, May 4, 2012

Five Senses -Week 3

Five Senses- Week 3

I have attached some photos from our 5 Senses Science Center Scavenger Hunt. We had clip boards and a scavenger hunt checklist to find animals in the science center with feathers, scales, soft fur, chirping sounds, crunching sounds, and drinking sounds. We also saw our friends Snowball and Snowflake!

Books This Week
Princess and the Pea (Will she feel the pea?)
Stone Soup
Listening Walk
One Dark Night

Small Groups For This Week:
1.Language Arts- Identifying letters and shapes through layers of cloth or blankets using our sense of touch.  This is inspired by the Princess and the Pea. 
2. Math- We will be creating stair patterns with blocks then creating our own patterns using square cubes.
3. Science- We will be conducting an experiment with "Mystery Powders." (really sugar and salt). We will try to identify the mystery powders by sight with magnifying glasses, then touch, and finally by taste. We will record our findings to bring home to share.
1. Five Senses Books- We will create 5 senses books to take home and share.
Rug Activity-Instruments
Science-Magnifying Glasses and objects to look through
Art Table:Decorating wrapping paper for a secret surprise
Blocks: blocks
Sensory Table:oobleck
Book Area: books about senses
Writing Table: Unit Vocabulary Words
Dramatic Play: Castles Building and role playing of princess and the pea
Puzzles and Manipulative: puzzles about senses

Let's Talk About It
-Playing Instruments
-What's missing
-Listening Walk book
-Communicating with sounds
(alarms, dog barking, baby crying)

We will continuing a program called Handwriting Without Tears. It's focus is on letter formation and letter awareness. This program reinforces proper grasp and trying to strengthen fine motor muscles.

Preschool Manners
-When someone is in your way or has something you want, say "Excuse Me" to get their attention, then say"May I _____" to get what you want.

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