Sunday, February 26, 2012

Community Week 3

Books This Week:Doctor DeSoto
Harry and the Bucket of Dinosaurs
Wilfred Gordon McDonald Patridge

Small Groups For This Week:
1. Tool Math Game- We will be rolling a number cube to fill our tool board game boards. We will be discussing the types of tools that people in our communities use.
2. Art Shop- We will give each child pretend money. They will go to the "cub cadet art store" to buy supplies to create their our masterpiece.
3. Language- We will be creating a class book about the types of stores, town buildings, and places in Burlington.
1. Journal writing to discuss our favorite memories. It is related to our book about Wilfrid.
2. Community Helpers Bingo Game
3. Math- Remove One- We will be using playdough mat of a child's mouth. Then each child will put a number of teeth in the mouth using playdough. Then we will pretend to be dentists to 'remove one'. This introduces the concept of subtraction. We will reinforce the concept of number sentences.(ie. 6-1=5)
Art Table: making hats for community helpers
Blocks: Cars and houses on a community rug to get around town
Sensory Table:construction vehicles at a construction site.
Book Area: books about communities and community helpers
Writing Table: creating your own postcards
Dramatic Play: Tools and Workshops. We will pretend to be carpenters as we use pretend tools. We will be hammering golf tees into foam boards. It is noisy but fun!
Puzzles and Manipulatives: puzzles about community

We will continuing a program called Handwriting Without Tears. It's focus is on letter formation and letter awareness. This program reinforces proper grasp and trying to strengthen fine motor muscles.

Preschool Manners
-When someone gives you something, look at them and say, Thank you.

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