Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Shadows and Reflections Week 1

Shadows and Reflections – Week 1

Theme – This is our first week of our new unit, Shadows and Reflections. During this unit students will explore shadows and reflections, using observations, experiments and books to learn what makes a shadow and a reflection. Through Story Time books, children hear about a girl playing by a still pond, a puppy who thinks he is a kitten, a crocodile collecting reflections in a pail, a sleepy boy who sees a shadow save a cat, and a raccoon who has an adventure with only his reflection for company.

Theme Concepts:
Reflections are images thrown back from a shiny surface.
There must be light or there is no reflection.
Mirrors and still water reflect light well; dull surfaces do not.
If water is moving, its reflections are blurry or crooked.
Objects are opaque, translucent, or transparent.
Shadows are the dark areas made when an object blocks light.

Frog Update-One of our tadpoles has hatched. We will be observing it today.

Play with Me by Marie Hall Ets
Raccoon on His Own by: Jim Arnosky

Small Groups:
-Language – Book Browsing and Letter chart of beginning sounds of animals for the book Play with Me
-Math–Number Go Fish Game
-Fine Motor Activity- Pinching "leaves" on our trees for spring
Choice: -
-Easel – Painting meadow, pond, and stream animals
-Sensory– Sand (then making it wet to mold)
-Dramatic Play – Dress Up with mirrors
-Art – Reflective-Paper Collages
-Writing Center – Drawing and writing about animals
-Puzzles – Animal Puzzles (Raccoons, crocodiles, grasshoppers, and fawns).
-Blocks – Construction Zone

Songs, Word Plays and Letters
Open Shut Them
Five Green FrogsEentsy, Weentsy Spider
Bingo – with the word Snake
Whose Reflection is in the Pool?
Little Letter/Big Letter Chant
The Turtle
Five Little Fishies

This time of year the sun is beginning to get warmer. As we love to play outside, you may want to add sun block to your child’s face and arms before sending him or her to school.

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