Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Classroom Photos from Wind and Water Theme

We used markers to write on clear film on the easel. Then sprayed water on our writing. We then observed what happened.
We also observed how water moved in the water table. We used eye droppers and cups to pour into water wheels to make them move.  We also had moved sailboats in the water table using a classroom fan pretending it was the wind.

We read the book, One Dark Night. In the story the boy cared for a stray cat and three kittens. In our dramatic play area, we used boxes, blankets, pet bowls, puppy bones, and leashes to care for pets. The children loved this activity. We also discussed what pets we have at home and how we care for our pets.

We have been discussing how the wind can move objects. We blew into straws to move paint on paper. The children loved watching the paint move on the paper.

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